Web Analytics

What Are Web Analytics?

Experts from imarklab audit the current performance of your Web or mobile website based on Web analytics such as data provided by Google Analytics. Its performance and your users’ navigation paths are measured through a variety of metrics. Data is collected, analyzed and interpreted in an actionable way to make sure you are able to use it to improve your interactive marketing strategy.

We make the data talk for you.

Why Use Web Analytics?

Web analytics allow you to understand the users’ behavioral patterns on your website. Our analysis shows you on which pages your visitors spend the most time, which pages make them leave and which pages they never reach. With Google Analytics, we can also tell you where your visitors come from: Facebook, Twitter, a blog where your company is mentioned, and so on.  

You are interested in a specific segment of visitors (blog post in French)? imarklab can filter the data for you. Are you targeting the visitors who came from Facebook? Who completed a transaction? Who visit your website for the first time? Who live in Montreal? In all these cases, our team provides you with a valuable analysis in your business context.

What Is the Process Surrounding Web Analytics?

Together, we first define how we will use web analytics. Then, we have a look at your website to create an accurate picture of your current situation and answer specific questions you might have. You are particularly interested on a few pages of your website? We can focus on these pages for the analysis.

By providing a global picture of your website’s performance and users’ behavior, analysis of data provided by Google Analytics often is the first step of a research project with usability testing or card sorting. Likewise, custom segments can be useful to support the creation of personas.