Literature Reviews

What Is a Literature Review?

A literature review can be described as a summary of the available literature about a research question, a specific subject or an industry. By researching various databases, our team is able to build a picture of scientific and business-oriented researches relevant to your business. 

The literature reviews made by imarklab always include recent data related to your industry or to the subject you are interested in. We work in partnership with HEC Montreal’s RBC Financial Group Ecommerce Chair and strive to apply the same scientific rigour we find in universities to all our research projects.

Why Do a Literature Review?

If you are starting a Web or mobile project, you might need to define your marketing research needs from the beginning. You are thinking about launching a survey? You are hesitating between a series of individual interviews or a focus group? At this stage, a literature review is a fast and cost efficient way to explore the available data and guide your choices for the marketing research to come. You probably want to avoid paying to collect data that already exists!

In our literature reviews, we put forward our key findings and make sure we structure the content in a way that makes it easy to use. Our objective is to collect and present scientific data that can benefit you interactive presence directly.

What Is the Process Surrounding a Literature Review?

Together, we define what we need to investigate in this research, and how you intend to use the data. This step allows us to customize the content and structure of the literature review.

At the end of the process, we provide a visual document as well as a summary of the content for you to go through efficiently. All the documentation we researched to build the literature review is presented in details to make it easy for you to find the sources of the information. Once you have the final document in hand, we remain available to answer any question or assist you in the next steps of your project.