What Is Benchmarking?

Benchmarking analyzes the performance of your website or mobile app in comparison to your competitors and other relevant businesses. By providing a detailed picture of a business’s competitive landscape, our team identifies best practices in its industry. 

imarklab approaches every research project with scientific rigour and benchmarking is no exception to the rule. This is why our evaluations are based on scientific usability researches. Our team uses predefined criteria to analyze generic and specific functionalities of websites or mobile apps.

Why Use Benchmarking?

Benchmarking allows you to differentiate your company from the competition in terms of user experience by integrating the best interactive practices in your marketing strategy. It is also a way to compare your offer to the industry. What type of content are your competitors creating online? How are they distributing that content?  

Analyzing the current offer is an excellent way to begin a website’s conception or optimization. It helps you to choose the most relevant items to investigate in individual interviews, focus groups or usability testing. Benchmarking can also focus on the information architecture and be used to plan a card sorting activity.

What Is the Process Surrounding Benchmarking?

Whether you wish to use benchmarking independently from other methods or integrate it to a larger user research project, imarklab works in collaboration with you during the whole process. When preparing a benchmark analysis, we choose the most interesting websites, mobile applications and dimensions to study. 

We adapt our analysis to your business reality. Are you interested in navigation menus? Information architecture? Content available on the websites? Web 2.0 functionalities? Social media use? In all these cases, our team creates a useful and actionable benchmark report to support your decision-making process.