Ergonomic Analysis

What Is Ergonomic Analysis?

Our team of experts carries out the ergonomic analysis. We use ergonomic criteria defined in the usability literature, best practices and our knowledge to evaluate the quality of your website or mobile application. The analyzed criteria is mainly focused on functionalities related to navigation and interaction with the interface.

This method is a flexible, quick and efficient way to get an expert evaluation of your interactive platforms.

Why Do Ergonomic Analysis?

The analytical report provided by imarklab identifies and corrects an interface’s weaknesses. Minor changes to your website can significantly improve the user experience.

Are your users receiving feedback when they click on a button? Are you providing a proper quantity of information? Can users go back when they make a mistake in an online form? By answering questions such as these, we help you pinpoint main obstacles to conversion. As an example, we could investigate why your users leave before completing a transaction.

Our goal is to allow you to make the most out of the ergonomic analysis. We provide actionable recommendations to improve user experience on your website or mobile app. This results in the improvement of your conversion rate!

What Is the Process Surrounding Ergonomic Analysis?

At the beginning of the process, our team of experts discusses your goals and expectations. We pay attention to the items you want to correct first. The report we produce identifies weaknesses and suggestions to improve on them.

Once you have the report in hands, we remain available to answer your questions about the ergonomic analysis and suggestions related to it. From this point on, imarklab can also help you if you wish to start a user-centered research process that includes usability testing for a Web or mobile project. 

You want to learn more about how we use web ergonomy? Have a look at our infographic about live ergonomic evaluation (blog post in French)!