Physiological Measurement

What Is Physiological Measurement?

In partnership with the Tech3Lab from HEC Montreal, imarklab has access to state-of-the-art research equipment to record cardiac, respiratory and electrodermal activities. These technologies can tell us in which physiological state users are in during the use of an interface. 

By cross-checking data related to cardiac, respiratory and electrodermal activities, physiological states such as engagement, stress, mental effort and tiredness can be identified. Data is collected in labs equipped with one-way mirrors where you can witness the variation of your clients’ physiological state in real-time.

Why Use Physiological Measurement?

Are your users stressed out when completing a transaction? Is it hard for them to find the information they are looking for? Are they excited when playing games on your mobile app? These questions can all be answered with the information provided by physiological measurement.

Physiological measurement is an add-on to usability testing and can be combined with eye tracking and emotions measurement. This research method gives you the most accurate information on your users’ state-of-mind technology can actually offer.

What Is the Physiological Measurement Process?

Our team first designs a research process customized to your needs. After this preliminary step, imarklab assists your team through the whole process to get everyone comfortable with the technology. Our goal is to combine our scientific expertise to your knowledge of the industry. Therefore, your feedback is considered at each step of the project. 

The analysis provided by imarklab combines all data collected though different methods during the research process. The results are presented in an actionable manner to help you create a user-centered interactive platform. We help you optimize each aspect of your website or mobile application based on your users’ reactions.