Individual Interviews

What Are Individual Interviews?

Individual Interviews are a series of in-depth discussions (blog post in French) between your current or potential clients and our marketing experts. Interviews take place in a calm environment to make sure participants feel free to express their thoughts. 

We use rooms equipped with one-way mirrors. We also record every interview. You can thus see each interview in real-time or view recordings at your convenience.

Why Do Individual Interviews?

When you are building a new website or mobile app, it can be tricky to make design and content choices, especially with no available comparison. Individual interviews are a way to focus on the user experience from the start and pinpoint what matters to your users.

This methodology allows us to generate insights about your clients’ needs and expectations. These insights can answer questions you had initially or help you come up with new ideas for your project. Through individual interviews, you have the tools to create value for the user above and foremost.

What Is the Process Surrounding Individual Interviews?

As in any user research, defining your goals should be the first step. imarklab assists in creating a list of items to investigate during interviews. Our first meeting will allow us to build an efficient interview guide to structure discussions with participants.

Participant recruitment is also based on these predefined goals. Are you interested in your current or potential clients? Do you wish to target 55 years and older women or young men between 18 and 25? Criteria you choose to focus on will directly impact the quality of collected data.

You built a Web interface based on a series of individual interviews and would like to test it? Have a look at what usability testing can do for you.