Focus Groups

What Is a Focus Group?

During a focus group, users are gathered to discuss their needs and feelings towards a website or mobile app. One of our marketing experts leads the conversation.

Group dynamic is ideal for brainstorming sessions and favors the expression of opinions that would be hard to obtain otherwise. As is the case in usability testing and individual interviews, we use rooms equipped with one-way mirrors so that your team can watch focus groups in real-time.

Why Do a Focus Group?

Focus groups are often used as an exploration tool at the beginning of a website or mobile app’s conception. It’s a great way to learn about your users’ needs and expectations, as is the case in individual interviews, but in an interactive and stimulating group setting. 

Focus groups should be considered if your goal is to come up with new ideas (brainstorming), or to collect various point of views towards specific items (e.g., what do you think about the layout of the home page?). With this method, your actions are based on your users.

What Is the Process Surrounding a Focus Group?

In terms of procedure, focus groups are similar to individual interviews. However, the discussion guide has to consider interaction between participants and should include detailed instructions for brainstorming sessions. imarklab takes care of analyzing data collected during focus groups. Our team reveals key insights for your business. We also support you in transforming those insights into precise recommendations for your website. 

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