Emotions Measurement

What Is Emotions Measurement?

To measure emotion, we use a face recognition tool that tracks the emotional reactions of users while they interact with a Web or mobile interface. A webcam is used to collect the data. This non-intrusive procedure lets users navigate freely, as they would in a natural context. 

Emotions measurements can be integrated in traditional usability testing and can be done on various devices and interfaces. As for eye tracking, we work with the Tech3Lab (one of our partners) to use this technology.

Why Measure Emotions?

Emotions measurement objectively identify what causes users to react and how they react. You could answer questions such as: “Is the reaction to a pop-up window positive or negative?” or “Are users confused after reading the payment instructions?”

The analysis resulting from a series of user tests with emotions measurement provides a rich description of your users’ state of mind. imarklab delivers an actionable report to increase the quality of your interactive presence through a more positive user experience.

What Is the Emotions Measurement Process?

imarklab works in collaboration with you from beginning to end. Depending on your project, we list what you wish to focus on your website or mobile application, or we look at the global experience provided. Our flexible approach means we can test specific functionalities and measure emotional reactions related to the user experience as a whole. Once tests are completed, we work with you to generate a maximum of positive reactions from your users and get rid of negative emotions such as anger or incomprehension.

You need to learn more about your users? It is possible to combine eye tracking and physiological measurement to emotions measurement.