Putting Chatbots to the Test: Is Artifical Intelligence Better Than Websites?

Chatbots are robots that simulate conversation with human users through instant messaging services like Facebook Messenger. In the last year, several brands launched chatbots and promoted them heavily through ad campaigns. For example, you can now chat with a virtual chef (in French) on Quebec’s pork producers Facebook page. Guess what? The virtual chef can suggest many recipes to integrate pork in your menu. Such marketing initiatives usually catch the interest of consumers, businesses and media. It’s trendy, innovative and cool technology-wise… but is it really useful? Read more

Remote Usability Testing: Pros and Cons

I love usability testing but I have to admit, in-lab tests can be challenging to set up. Research facilities, a qualified moderator, participants willing to commute at a specific date and time and, let’s face it, a substantial budget are required (even though there are tricks to do user research on a budget). Today, several online platforms allow remote usability testing. Their offer is very appealing. You only need to build your test, email it to your participants and collect the automated analysis results. Is it too good to be true? Read more

Usability Research Decision Tree

You want to do a user-centered website or app redesign but are unsure which approach to opt for? We built this decision tree to help you choose the best approach! Read more

Four Simple Guidelines to Improve University Websites

In the last few years, imarklab has undertaken many website optimization projects in the world of higher education. Every one of those projects had a similar objective: make the student experience on the website easier and more enjoyable. With hindsight, we see that all recommendations we produced revolved around four main guidelines. By following these simple guidelines, universities can greatly improve the digital experience they provide. This post is a follow-up of our recent description of modern students.

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Who Are the Modern Students?

If you’ve been a university student in the last few years, you definitely had to live through multiple frustrations when using your school’s online platforms.

Technology has brought lasting change to higher education. It notably changed how universities interact with students. That being said, universities are large organisations with huge digital ecosystems. As such, they often lag behind students in new technology adoption. That’s especially true today as students are much different to what they were only a few years ago. To help you in the catch up, here’s an overview of modern students. Read more

User Research on a Budget

In May, we published 5 facts about usability testing (supported by numbers) to show you how relevant it is. In a perfect world, all companies would do user research regularly. In the real world, budget is often an issue. Believe it or not, user research can be cheap even if you work with user experience professionals. At imarklab, we often adapt our approach to tight research budgets, especially when we work with small and medium-sized businesses. Sceptical? Keep reading for a few tricks… Read more

Balance Advertising and Content on Your Website to Avoid Chasing Your Visitors

In Canada, about 17% of Internet users used ad blockers like AdBlock in 2016. In the United States, we estimate that 25% of Internet users will use ad blockers in 2017. Why do Internet users hate ads so much? How can a website generate advertising revenues without chasing visitors? At imarklab, we believe users should always be the main focus – even when it comes to advertising. With that in mind, we suggest a few guidelines to generate advertising revenues while still taking your users’ needs in consideration. Read more

Get Quick Results with Agile Usability Testing

In Web development as in everything else, cycles are short. Agility is the name of the game. In such a setting, you might think that usability testing is a luxury you can’t afford. Obviously, you can’t interrupt the development process for a month to make time for usability testing. While that’s true, usability testing doesn’t have to take a month. It can be as agile as any development process. Read more

Agile Usability Testing to Meet Your Tights Deadlines

Do you need to quickly test a website or app? We offer agile usability testing to help you meet your deadlines. We plan several test sessions on flexible dates for you to benefit from user feedback during development.
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Apologies and Emotions: What Makes a Good Apology Speech?

People are more connected than ever. As social media gains popularity, managing public relations becomes trickier. What used to be an insignificant faux pas can now turn into an international scandal instantly. In case of faux pas, brands now make sure to provide their clients with explanations or apologize if needed. Consumers seek authenticity so apologizing often seems like the best way to go. Read more