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Four Simple Guidelines to Improve University Websites

In the last few years, imarklab has undertaken many website optimization projects in the world of higher education. Every one of those projects had a similar objective: make the student experience on the website easier and more enjoyable. With hindsight, we see that all recommendations we produced revolved around four main guidelines. By following these […]

Who Are the Modern Students?

If you’ve been a university student in the last few years, you definitely had to live through multiple frustrations when using your school’s online platforms. Technology has brought lasting change to higher education. It notably changed how universities interact with students. That being said, universities are large organisations with huge digital ecosystems. As such, they […]

Get Quick Results with Agile Usability Testing

In Web development as in everything else, cycles are short. Agility is the name of the game. In such a setting, you might think that usability testing is a luxury you can’t afford. Obviously, you can’t interrupt the development process for a month to make time for usability testing. While that’s true, usability testing doesn’t […]

5 Steps for Great Usability Testing

Usability testing, also known as UX testing, is one of the best tools to get your user’s pulse. The basics of usability testing are simple: we sit a user in front of a website and ask him or her to complete specific tasks. Meanwhile, a moderator collects impressions and comments. Obviously, usability testing is a little more […]

Pupil Dilation and Cognitive Load: Usability Testing Innovations

We test websites because it’s still the best way to directly collect users’ point of view. It’s often the only way organizations can see how people actually use their website. For that alone, usability testing is essential, even in its simplest form. Website testing, also known as usability testing, keeps getting better and better. Modern […]

Eye Tracking in a Physical Store: A Case Study

For retailers, the physical store is a critical touch point with consumers. Despite this, retailers’ product display strategy remains reactive and is mostly based on past initiatives. Compared to online marketing, point of sale marketing has typically access to less data on customer behavior, especially for behavior other than the actual purchase. New technology such as […]

Measuring ROI in social media: essential or useless?

Marketers often disagree on the best way to measure return on investment when it comes to social media. We do not even agree on the necessity of such a measure. Then again, setting objectives and measuring their achievement is one of the cornerstones of marketing management as it is taught in our business schools. So, […]