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Eye Tracking Study at the SAQ: Grab Consumers’ Attention Online vs. In-Store

Last December, we used mobile eye tracking to identify good practices to grab consumers’ attention in an SAQ store. We worked with SAQ and OPTECH to see what grabs clients’ attention in the aisles and how product positioning impacts choice. Our study also had an online portion where we asked consumers to select the same products on SAQ’s online store. In this post, we will focus on online shopping experience based on results from the Web portion of our study. Our objective: find what grabs consumers’ attention online and how online and in-store experiences compare.  Read more

How to Get Clients’ Attention In-Store: Eye Tracking Study at the SAQ

Brandy to add a twist to an eggnog recipe, vodka to create a festive punch, champagne to welcome 2017… We rarely run out of options for Holiday toasts. We recently collaborated with SAQ and OPTECH, a centre for applied research and technology in optics/photonics, to study  in-store consumer behavior. We used mobile eye tracking to measure where consumers were looking while shopping at the SAQ to plan a Holiday party. Our objective: find out what grabs clients’ attention in the aisles and how product positioning impact their product choice. Read more

Pupil Dilation and Cognitive Load: Usability Testing Innovations

We test websites because it’s still the best way to directly collect users’ point of view. It’s often the only way organizations can see how people actually use their website. For that alone, usability testing is essential, even in its simplest form.

Website testing, also known as usability testing, keeps getting better and better. Modern methodology and technology make usability testing more objective and precise than ever. We can now measure attention, attraction and arousal to better understand how users interact with a website. We can also track something we haven’t discussed much in our blog until now: cognitive load. Read more

Eye Tracking in a Physical Store: A Case Study

For retailers, the physical store is a critical touch point with consumers. Despite this, retailers’ product display strategy remains reactive and is mostly based on past initiatives. Compared to online marketing, point of sale marketing has typically access to less data on customer behavior, especially for behavior other than the actual purchase. New technology such as mobile eye tracking can reduce this lack of objective data. Read more