What Is a Survey?

We all know what “survey” generally means. At imarklab, we design surveys that mainly include multiple choice or brief open-ended questions. In most cases, surveys are distributed online and respondents can answer at home.

When we use a survey, it is as a complement to other user research methods. As an example, surveys can be used at different steps of the process to collect users’ opinions and adapt our methodology along the way. They are also used during usability testing to measure the impressions of the participants after completion of tasks with a numeric scale (e.g., 1 = Totally disagree with the statement and 7 = totally agree with the statement).

Why Use a Survey?

Surveys collect information about the needs and expectations of your current or potential clients. This quantitative approach identifies elements that you can further explore with qualitative research afterwards. Individual interviews, focus groups or personas are used deepen understanding of your users’ behavioral patterns. Likewise, surveys can be used to choose the content items to include in a card sorting activity.

By integrating surveys on your Web or mobile research project, you can focus on what matters to your clients. At the end of the research process, you will have collected a maximum of relevant insights.

What Is the Process Surrounding a Survey?

We decide with you if it’s relevant to include a survey in the research project and how this survey should be integrated. imarklab works in collaboration with your team to build a customized survey. We also work with you to build a sample that represent the users you wish to target (e.g., specific segment of clients).

To make the process easier, our team of experts can take care of distributing the survey online, recruiting respondents, managing data collection and the analysis that follows. Our approach is flexible to allow you to benefit regardless of the nature and size of your interactive marketing project.