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Measure of the Emotional Reaction to Christmas Adverts from Toys R Us, The Body Shop, IKEA and Coca Coca

At imarklab and Leger, research is our core business. As passionate researchers, we like to continually investigate our own research methods. We have recently been interested in emotions measurement through the FaceReader software. This technology is used in academic research by the Tech3Lab of HEC Montreal. In our case, we use this tool to track […]

Is There a Viral Video Recipe?

For online marketers, creating a viral video often seems like winning the lottery. If it is your lucky day and you play your cards wisely (create and publish the right content at the right time), it could make you rich! There are a lot of established best practices to follow in online marketing from designing […]

The Sharing Economy in terms of Websites Features

“Instead of buying and owning products, consumers are increasingly interested in leasing and sharing them.” (Matzler, Veider and Kathan, 2015) Collaborative consumption is trending. According to La Presse, web platforms related to the sharing economy are worth billions of dollars and they are emerging in all kind of industries. The best-known communities of this kind are probably Airbnb and Uber. […]

Multichannel Back-to-School Shopping

The second half of September is beginning and many parents are still rushing to complete their back-to-school shopping online on multiple devices or in-store. In both cases, smartphones have probably been useful during this process. According to a recent eMarketer’s study, 59% of the American mothers intended to use their smartphone while doing their back-to-school […]

Instant E-commerce Builders are multiplying on the Web

What if you could become an online store owner in five minutes? Engaging in e-commerce used to be an enormous commitment for businesses. Then, e-commerce platforms came in the portrait and made the process easier for smaller companies. Today, this process can be quite easy. The e-commerce platforms’ offer is blooming. Every Internet user now […]

What is a Good Social and Visual Commerce Strategy?

Facebook comes fourth for average order value As the number of social media users drastically increased in the last years, social commerce naturally became part of any good e-commerce strategy. Business owners are slowly getting comfortable with the idea of using social networking technologies as online sales drivers. In fact, social media is now perceived […]