Publications par Sandrine Prom Tep

Eye Track Behavior 2014: A personal account of the conference

Sponsored by Tobii, Eye Track Behavior is a small size conference dedicated to eye tracking research. Research studies accross the marketing, usability, education and medical fields using eye tracking were presented during a one and half-day conference on Sept. 11-12. It was fascinating actually to witness how such varied expertises could still share common concerns about pixel, […]

Internet Week à New York

Il est difficile de rapporter l’expérience d’une conférence comme Internet Week à New York, alors qu’elle se déroule en fait autant dans les quartiers généraux (la photo ci-dessus a été prise à l’entrée des Headquarters de IWNY, au Metropolitan Pavilion dans Chelsea), et à la fois partout dans la grosse pomme, dans le cadre d’activités […]

Emotional Design and Consumer Behavior

As emotions are part of everyone’s experience, emotional design entails relating to people effectively with your product design or its interface design. The role of emotions is to help signal and reveal the unconscious processes underlying behaviors. Therefore, if you are launching a new product or an advertising campaign, evaluating emotional engagement before its launch […]

Créativité & commerce @Montréal #C2Mtl

Wow! Et voilà! C’était annoncé en grand, cela promettait d’être unique, on en a entendu parler dans tous les grands médias, et voilà que la  seconde édition de C2-Mtl est lancée à Montréal! Si vous demeurez à Montréal, j’espère que vous y étiez.

Social journey and corporate evolution by Jeremiah Owyang

I attended Jeremiah Owyang’s talk  at the 2012 Webcom edition in Montreal on Wednesday May 16. Here we are two months later, time flies but the interest for the topic is still up-to-date! Most people tweeted and  talked about his conference focusing on the 3 future trends he stated and for which he offered lots […]

Hello UXPA. Bye bye UPA.

« So, goodbye and thank you UPA. But get ready people, and say Hello and Welcome to the NEW. The UXPA. » Here are the final words of Ronnie Battista’s talk at the UPA2012 Conference. UPA’s treasurer announced the evolution of the Usability Professionals Association (UPA) to the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA).