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The Sharing Economy in terms of Websites Features

“Instead of buying and owning products, consumers are increasingly interested in leasing and sharing them.” (Matzler, Veider and Kathan, 2015)

Collaborative consumption is trending. According to La Presse, web platforms related to the sharing economy are worth billions of dollars and they are emerging in all kind of industries. The best-known communities of this kind are probably Airbnb and Uber. Airbnb connects property owners who want to earn money by renting their place for short periods of time to travellers while Uber does the same for drivers and users in need of transportation. Lire la suite

Instant E-commerce Builders are multiplying on the Web

What if you could become an online store owner in five minutes?

Engaging in e-commerce used to be an enormous commitment for businesses. Then, e-commerce platforms came in the portrait and made the process easier for smaller companies. Today, this process can be quite easy. The e-commerce platforms’ offer is blooming. Every Internet user now has the possibility to launch an online store with basic transactional capabilities in a few minutes without hardly any coding required. We understand their limitations for big businesses with larger inventories or CRM needs, but they can be a suitable option for small retailers. Lire la suite